Our Managed Solution prices are customized for each client to ensure fairness and accuracy. Prices are based on a combination of business size, number of connected devices, and services.


Below are some average prices for each Managed Solution tier, based on 20 employees, 20 workstations, and 1 server.


Essential: $500 per month (estimate)

Advanced: $1,500 per month (estimate)

Ultimate: $3,000 per month (estimate)

Cyber and Network Security is more than just the time we spend with our clients. Our services provide the peace of mind that your business is protected from the costly and time-consuming hassle of a cyber attack.  

Whether you're interested in a managed solution, or an individual service, our goal is the same:

Deliver value through Exceptional Service and Superior Solutions.


  • Ideal for businesses with a DIY approach to Cybersecurity.

    $1,500 one time


  • Ideal for businesses that require Essential protection, at an affordable price.

    5 employee minimum


  • Ideal for businesses that require remote connectivity or operate multiple sites.

    20 workstation minimum


  • Ideal for businesses that require 24/7/365 continuous monitoring and incident response.

    20 workstation minimum



  • Let our team discover weaknesses in your network before criminals do.

    $200 per hour

    Penetration Testing

  • Establish policies that protect your company from the inside out.

    $500 one time

    Policy Review

  • Provide your employees the knowledge they need to be your first-line of defense.

    $500 per class


  • Ensure your business has a plan in place to respond to disasters.

    $1,000 one time

    Disaster Recovery

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