• Anthony Jett

Small Businesses: Targets of Opportunity

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

The rate of cyber crime continues to increase and the small business community is being disproportionally targeted. Why? Because small businesses are considered targets of opportunity, or "soft targets". Most small businesses are unwilling, or unable, to properly invest in effective cybersecurity solutions. This lack of security makes them more vulnerable to simple attacks that don't require expensive or time-intensive efforts from criminals. In fact, most cyber criminals don't even target specific small businesses. It is so widely understood that small businesses are lacking proper security that criminals employ large scale attacks at unidentified targets in hopes that one of their efforts will succeed.

Think about that. Your company is located in a business park with twenty other small businesses. Hackers are sitting in the parking lot right now launching indiscriminate attacks looking for a vulnerability that will grant them entry to your network, your data, your employees, and your clients. The reason these efforts persist is because they are successful. Small business attacks are increasing at a higher rate than any other sector, with an estimated 75% of criminal acts being launched against small businesses. The worst part, most small businesses cannot afford the financial impact of a cyber attack and are unable to recover.

Understanding this, we made it our goal at MeriTec Services to provide reliable and affordable solutions for every small business. Being a small business ourselves we understand the struggles and the cost of doing business. We know that cyber security can be prohibitively expensive and we made it our mission to change that.

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