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Do I Need 24/7 Threat Monitoring?

Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated at a rate that matches, or exceeds, the rate at which cyber security companies can defend against them. Because of this most cyber security companies believe that the most effective defense against cyber criminals is to monitor a network 24/7/365. At a high-level, this means that every action taken on your network is being monitored to look for signatures that match known threats, or behaviors that deviate from normal operations. If a threat is discovered it is responded to quickly before it has a chance to wreak havoc. This is a fantastic approach! Furthermore, companies are actively hunting for threats in a network and not waiting passively for them to appear. Again, this is a great approach. But there's a catch...

Most small businesses cannot afford to pay $3,000 or more each month to have this cutting-edge technology protect their business. So it begs the question, do I really need 24/7 monitoring? The answer is not really. This isn't to say you shouldn't employ it if you can afford it, you absolutely should. But if you cannot afford real-time monitoring of your network that's okay, there are other options!

In our article, "Small Businesses: Targets of Opportunity", we discuss why small businesses have become a favorite target of cyber criminals. Basically, small businesses have little to no cyber protection and are easy targets. Understanding this, instead of paying for 24/7 monitoring, pay to NOT be a target of opportunity. Make your business less attractive to cyber criminals by implementing security measures that are both affordable and effective.

Most small businesses need to focus on three elements, 1) Employees, 2) Technology, and 3) Knowledge. Train your employees on proper cyber security principles, they really are your first line of defense. Invest in technology that meets your needs, such as a solid anti-virus solution that guards against both heuristic and zero-day threats. Lastly, have the knowledge to know what to do if your network is attacked or compromised.

MeriTec built our solutions with these three principals in mind. Our experts can train your employees, install the right technology, and respond with experience. Subscribing to one of our Managed Security solutions also protects your business with cybersecurity insurance, just in case.

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