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A Guide to Security Policies and Procedures

Anti-discrimination, Code of Conduct, Paid Time Off (PTO), Health and Safety...These are policies that most of us are familiar with. They are the guiding documents that tell your employees what their rights are, or how business will be conducted at your company. In many ways they are the backbone of an organization. Without them each manager would be dictating their own ways of doing business and complete chaos would soon take over. Not a pretty picutre.

Well, the same principles that guide our HR related policies should also guide our Cyber and Information Security policies. Employees need to know, in black and white, what is considered Acceptable Use of their company laptop. Or, why the Access Control policy grants them access to company information that other employees may not have access to. Does your company have remote work options? If so, there should be a policy that outlines security measures that must be adhered to when externally connecting to a company network.

Regardless of what service you provide, or product you sell, your technology keeps you in business. It is vital that policies are in place to guide your employees when using company resources or interacting with your network. MeriTec Services can help! Let our team refine your existing Cyber or Information Security related policies, and build tailored solutions to meet your needs. We will work with you to create policies that match your unique company culture.

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