Policy Review

Provide your employees the guidance they need to protect your business. 

Acceptable Use Policy

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Let our team of experts help you refine your current Cybersecurity and Network Security related policies, provide recommendations, and build tailored solutions to meet your needs and company culture.

Why do I need a Policy Review?

Just like every other aspect of your business, it is vital that your employees understand your businesses policies and procedures as they relate to Cybersecurity and Network Security.

Our team will review your current policies to provide recommendations to make them work towards security, not against it. For example, do your employees know the best techniques to create a password, or how often it needs to be changed?

Don't have all the right policies? No problem! Our team will recommend and create policies tailored to your needs and your existing culture. As important as it is to remain secure, blocking social media during a lunch break can really impact morale.

As with all of MeriTec's services, we offer Policy Reviews with up-front, flat-rate pricing.  

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