Penetration Testing

Designed to mimic cyber criminals and challenge your network security. In a safe, controlled, environment our experts will test the security of your network and help you stay ahead of cyber threats.

An estimated 60% of small-to-medium sized companies go out of business within a year following a cyber attack

On average, cyber attacks cost small businesses up to $148,000, not including recovery costs and reputational impact

60% of cyber attacks are directed at small businesses, and that amount increases each year

Designed for businesses of all sizes, our team of knowledgeable experts will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your network. Discovering weaknesses that will give you the awareness required to protect your business.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration Testing is the process of mimicking cyber criminals by deploying various attack techniques in an effort to gain access to your network. Relying on the results of a Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing attempts to exploit those vulnerabilities and allow us to recommend solutions to secure your business. Rest assured, this work is performed in a safe, controlled environment, and your sensitive data will remain secure.

Our experts will work with you to determine the right approach for your Penetration Test. Depending on client preference, our team can approach your network in 3 ways: Black Hat, White Hay, or Grey Hat.

These methodologies are explained below.

Black Hat

As a Black Hat tester, our team will have no prior knowledge of your network. Our job will be to replicate the exact conditions of an external cyber attack.

White Hat

As a White Hat tester, our team will have prior knowledge of your entire network and IT architecture. Using a White Hat approach will allow our simulated attacks to be targeted and more effective.

Grey hat

As a Grey Hat tester, our team will have limited knowledge of your network and IT architecture. This approach allows for a combination of automated attacks on unknown areas and manual attacks on known areas.

Why should I get a Penetration Test?

Although no test or evaluation can guarantee 100% success in identifying all potential weaknesses, Penetration Testing is by far the most reliable option.

A properly executed Penetration Test will provide you with a comprehensive picture of your network security and all of the potential weaknesses it contains.

A MeriTec expert will rely on both automated and manual techniques to employ a wide variety of network attacks, intended to stress and compromise your network before a criminal has the opportunity. 

Our Penetration Testing report will thoroughly explain what each weakness means to you and your business, as well as thoughtful recommendations on correcting each item. 

As with all of MeriTec's services, Penetration Testing is offered with up-front, flat-rate pricing.  

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