Frequently asked questions about our Services

Does my business really need Cybersecurity solutions?

Unfortunately, yes. Cyber criminals are a constant, and ever-growing threat that we all must contend with. Realizing this we decided to take our decades of government IT and security expertise and provide a service to commercial businesses. More importantly we provide this service with a focus on affordability. We understand that most small-to-medium sized businesses cannot afford a $3,000 monthly service, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve exceptional solutions. MeriTec is here to bridge that gap.

How are your prices lower than the competition?

Our solutions focus on providing your business exactly what it needs and cutting out the rest. Instead of trying to sale you an expensive solution that you really don't need, we work with what you have today and create solutions that are actually tailored to your needs. You are paying for the expertise to configure and integrate your security solutions, and to react when an event occurs.

What does having Cyber insurance mean to me?

Cyber insurance is just like any other insurance product, it provides protection when the unfortunate happens. MeriTec maintains a $2,000,000 Cybersecurity insurance policy that protects each of our clients in the event a cyber attack occurs because of a MeriTec error or omission. We encourage clients to obtain their own Cyber insurance policy as well.

Are your services guaranteed?

No business is 100% protected against Cyber threats. There is always a chance that a Cyber threat will be successful, our goal is to implement the right security measures and to react quickly when an event occurs. In the event that your network is compromised, you're covered by our Cybersecurity insurance. Be wary of any company that promises you 100% protection against Cyber threats.

How do you tailor solutions to my company?

We setup our service offerings to meet the needs of most businesses, but realized that no canned solution will meet everyone's needs. For example, if you sign up for our Essential Security plan but you also need us to design a Disaster Recovery plan and Train your employees, we will create a service unique to your businesses needs. Our offerings are grouped for convinenence and popularity, but think of our services as an A la Carte menu!

Okay, I'm interested so what happens now?

Thank you! First, send us an email using one of the many linked buttons on our site, or directly at, visit our Contact Us page, or give us a call. Our goal is to learn more about your company, your needs, the security measures you currently have, and your strategy for future. We will evaluate your unique needs and provide a reasonable and affordable, no-obligation quote. After you've decided what options work best for you, we will get to work!

What is an average timeline before my business is secure?

Normally, it takes 1-2 weeks for us to complete all the necessary assessments, evaulations, and interviews to fully assess your business. This initial assessment is crucial to understand exactly which security measures you need, and which you don't. Additionally, at the end of this period we will provide you a detailed technology report, network mapping, and inventory list. Most small-to-medium sized businesses will require 30-45 days before all measures are 100% in place. We start securing elements of your business from day 1, but some measures are more complicated and require more time to configure.

What else should I know about MeriTec Services?

Our corporate creed is to do everything ethically, morally, and legally. We take this very seriously and it impacts every element of our business. Ultimately, MeriTec is a small business, serving small businesses. Our goal is to provide Exceptional Service and Superior Solutions.

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