Disaster Recovery

Be prepared to react to, and recovery from, unavoidable disasters.

It can take weeks, or even months, to recover from a successful cyber attack

A robust Cybersecurity plan is only one piece of the puzzle, businesses must also have a plan to respond and recover from an attack. Our team will partner with you to develop a thorough, executable, plan to make sure you are not caught off-guard when disaster strikes.

Why do I need a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Any event that causes significant delays to your operations, network, or access to data, is considered a disaster. Disasters can be caused by natural forces, or man-made, but they can be equally devastating. 

Our team will guide you through the process of identifying the damage and recovering from it as quickly as possible. Sometimes recovery involves taking a server off-line and taking inventory of your data, other times recovery involves explaining to your customers that their sensitive data has been compromised. Either way, we have the skills and knowledge to make sure you are prepared to handle any event. 

Every disaster is a surprise, but how you choose to react and recover from them should't be.

As with all of MeriTec's services, Disaster Recovery is offered with up-front, flat-rate pricing.  

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