Cybersecurity Solutions

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MeriTec Services provides Cybersecurity solutions designed for businesses seeking comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Solutions designed and priced with small business in mind.

Individual services for clients that don't need a managed solution.

No up-front technology or staffing costs to burden your budget.


MeriTec Solutions are fully managed Cybersecurity plans, provding your business the protection it requires. Let our team of experts handle your Cybersecurity, so you can focus on your bottom line.

Designed for the DIY-minded business that prefers to handle their own Cybersecurity, but aren't sure where to start. This two-day session will give you, and your employees, the tools and knowledge you need to do it right. 

Designed for businesses that require essential protection, at an affordable price. The Essential plan provides you with the necessary technologies to combat 90% of cyber criminals that are seeking easy targets.

Designed for businesses that store sensitive client data, operate multiple sites, or require remote connectivity. The Advanced plan provides professional monitoring, a NexGen Firewall, and industry-leading EDR solutions.

Designed for businesses that require 24/7/365 professional monitoring using state of the art SIEM technologies. The Ultimate plan is designed to protect your business from the most sophisticated cyber criminals.





Cybersecurity Services

We understand that not all businesses need a Managed Solution. At MeriTec Services we offer a wide variety of services for your business at flat-rate pricing.

Penetration Testing

Let our team discover weaknesses in your network before criminals do.



Establish policies that protect your business from the inside out.

Employee Training

Disaster Recovery

Provide your employees the knowledge they need to be your first-line of defense.

Ensure your business has a plan in place to respond to the unexpected.

The MeriTec Difference

Like you, our team is our most valued asset. We pride ourselves in delivering Exceptional Service and Superior Solutions to all of our customers.


Our philosophy is simple:

  • Recruit and retain the best talent.

  • Give customers more than they pay for.

  • Build a company based on the highest standards of business ethics and integrity.

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